Winter menu by Brand Chef A. Zitouni

Winter menu by Brand Chef A. Zitouni

Cold starters
Bruschetta Trio (220 g):
- with smoked salmon
- with Camembert cheese and caramelized onion
- with porcini mushroom saute
Vitello Trufato (170 g)
Octopus salad with baked pepper and lime-basil sauce (170 g)
Winter salad with wild duck breasts and orange sauce (160 g)
Olivier salad with royal spiny lobster meat (260 g)

Hot starters
Julienne with rabbit and wild mushrooms (170 g)
Lobster filet in Champagne Sabayon sauce (250 g)

Parmesan soup with Magret duck breasts and crispy toasts with fresh herbs (280/30 g)
Pumpkin cream soup with ginger and tiger shrimps (250 g)
Cassoulet with crab and vegetables (180 g)
Consomme with beef tenderloin and vegetable tortellini (360 g)

Pasta and Risotto
Genovese pasta with Pesto sauce, arugula and Parmesan cheese (350 g)
Homemade Pappardelle pasta with Zurichcrois turkey (420 g)
Homemade Pappardelle pasta with black truffles and Pecorino cheese (230 g)
Homemade-style Cannelloni pasta with royal spiny lobster in Fondue sauce (270 g)
Risotto with pumpkin and langoustines (220 g)

Hot dishes
Baked sea bass with vegetables in white wine with savory herbs (for two persons 800 g)
Sturgeon filet in tender cream and caviar sauce with black caviar (260 g)
Rack of Florentine-Style veal with Marsala sauce (250 g)
Rib eye beef Tagliata with arugula and fresh black truffles (300/1 g)
Duck leg parmentier with mashed potato with Parmesan cheese crust (310 g)

Chocolate Baileys truffle (150 g)
Pop Art Hemisphere cake (140 g)
Chocolate Temptation cake (145 g)

Winter Japanese Menu by boutique Chef Dmitry Yermakov

Red sweet shrimp (100 g)
Humpback shrimp (100 g)

Maki sushi (Rolls)
Codfish liver roll (200/45 g)
Spice salmon roll (110/45 g)
Spice Bluefin tuna roll (110/45 g)
Spice Toro tuna roll (110/45 g)

Maki sushi (Warm rolls)
Tiger shrimp tempura roll (245/45 g)

Sushi Nigiri
Red sweet shrimp (55/45 g)
Humpback shrimp (90/45 g)

Suimono soup with Vongole clam (180 g)
Miso soup with Vongole clam (180 g)

Worthy accompaniment to dishes by Japanese sake masters Umenishiki Hime no Ai Tenmi, Umenishiki Yamakawa

Winter Thai Menu

Cold starters
Coi Pla: Thai sea fish* ceviche (cooking method)
Yam Pla: Warm codfish with fresh vegetable salad (340 g)
Tom Sam: Thai calamari and green papaya salad (210 g)

Hot starters
Por Pia Tod: Spring roll with seafood, vegetables and plum sauce (150/50 g)
Goong Wasabi Thai: Wild shrimps with Wasabi sauce (100/50 g)

Tom Yum Goong: Spicy soup with shrimps, mushrooms and coconut milk (300 g)
Tom Kha Ta Ley: Spicy soup with seafood, mushrooms and coconut milk (300 g)

Hot dishes
Soba Pad Phak: Soba (buckwheat) noodles with vegetables and sauce (210 g)
Pla Sam Ros: Crispy sea bass (100 g) with sweet and sour sauce and pineapple
Phad Thai: Fried soba (rice) noodles with shrimps, egg and peanuts (300 g)
Phad Thai: Fried soba (rice) noodles with crab, egg and peanuts (300 g)
Nue Yang Jim Jeaw: Marinated rib eye (100 g) in Thai herbs and ouster sauce

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