Fish Boutiques

Fish boutiques La Maree are also specialized in premium quality products – 15 year aged balsamic, best olive oils of Italy, France, Tunisia and Spain, truffle cream, foie gras, grand ham and famous Paris chocolate. Here our guests may find gifts for family and friends, if they are gourmands or not, buy delicacies, invite a company and amaze with culinary mastery. Home cooking is back in fashion today and we are in touch with new trends. For those who attentively follow the gastronomic tendencies, fish boutiques offers an exquisite selection of Russian fish that slowly supersedes top premiers in popularity rating such as dorada, tuna and sea bass.

Lack of culinary experience shouldn’t discourage anyone. Our skilled staff is always on hand to help you with choice, ready to split and clean your purchase, and advise you how to prepare it in correct way. However, the surprises don’t end here.

The freshness of product as well as the assortment is guaranteed by the supplying-company La Marée that demands from its own fish boutiques and restaurants a strict respect of quality, because fish boutiques make the company’s image. All fish boutiques La Marée are located at the restaurants, with separate entrance and operate as retail shops. And prices there are twice lower than at the restaurants La Marée.

Fish boutiques La Marée – are small shops where fish and seafood from 20 countries are displayed on counters sparkling with ice. The freshest fish with a light sea smell and trembling wet gills is delivered by air in 3-4 hours. Langoustes, langoustines, crabs and lobsters are brought live from different corners of the world. Once counted the sea life makes an infinite list of dozens of fish types – dorada, rock red mullet, monk fish, gurnard, sword fish, porgy, Australian barramundi and more. Dozens of sea delicacies – langoustines, lobsters, crabs, octopuses, mussels, vongole, sea urchins, various shrimps and 15 types of oysters.